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The 2017 Ford Escape SE Trim Level First Drive

The 2017 ford escape may not be all new from the ground up but the redesign makes improvements in all the right areas. Now let's take a look at some of those features and also how well they help the SUV stack up against some of the best in the business. Twenty-nine thousand dollar compact SUV challenge the interior as a whole doesn't look very different than the outgoing 2016, except for this right here.

The 2017 Ford Escape SE Trim Level First Drive

This is all new and this is perhaps one of the best things for it could have done to improve the 2017 Ford Escape. The old escape had this massive bulky center console that had to cup holders a manual handbrake and that was about it.

The 2017 Ford Escape Technology & Features

There wasn't any storage now there's twenty five percent more storage space a much more traditional layout and an electric parking brake that frees up a ton of space for pocket items you've got. The cup holders got a little tray for your phone and then also the actual council here is 50% bigger than the outgoing escape.

If there are also two USB ports and that connects to perhaps one of the most notable and important features in the escape we're in the escape SE trim level and that's one of the most popular trim levels now part of the SE technology package is ford's sync 3. I think three was available in the 2016 model but new for 2017 is apple carplay and android auto.

Now this was the only car in our challenge test that included both and it's honestly the best way that you can pair your phone with a multimedia system connecting the same threes apple carplay is as simple as plugging your phone. There's no Bluetooth pairing there's no pairing procedures it's just plug it in and you're good to go once the screen pops up you have all of the compatible apps just right at your fingertips now also with the SE technology package you get access to the forward pass app with sink connect now that gives you smartphone function for various vehicle controls including remote start.

The 2017 Ford Escape SE Trim Level First Drive

You can schedule remote starts and you also can see how much fuel is in the car and remotely lock and unlock from your phone and the forward pass app. The escape is still the same great driving SUV that it always has been there is a new engine and some more sound insulation but really it tries fantastic very refined what's new is ace auto stop-start feature and just like everything else about how the car drives it is a very refined execution of this feature that sometimes automakers have trouble doing seamlessly fuel-economy ratings aren't changed.

But if you do a lot of city driving your real-world fuel come to results maybe a little higher than without the future now despite all of these new features or is actually / pricing on the 2017 up to nine hundred dollars on popular trims like this s ii at twenty-eight thousand three hundred dollars of this test car though you also have a blind-spot warning system as well as a power rear lift gate.

Now you don't get all wheel drive or you don't get a smart keyless access is the much push button start but it's still a bargain these features and more help the escape when cars that comes twenty-nine thousand dollar compact SUV challenge.

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